The majority of my visual effects work has been for Hardy Pictures, who produce historical docudramas for TV. I have also worked on feature films and use many visual effects techniques in all aspects of my work.

Skills include roto, chroma key, crowd multiplication, compositing including multiple render passes, wire removal, screen replacement, particle effects, camera projection, cleaning up glitch frames and motion and camera tracking.


Also experienced in matte painting and digital set extension, as well as modelling, lighting, texturing, animating and rendering 3D assets.


(Hardy Pictures/ National Geographic)


This special re-examines elements of Christ's life and ministry, such as the nativity, the miracles and the crucifixion - questioning basic modern assumptions to reveal some surprising and often shocking details.

BLOODY FOREIGNERS - The Untold Great Fire of London

(Hardy Pictures/ Channel 4)


Part of a series examining the role of the "foreigner" in key moments of British history.

1066 - The Battle for Middle Earth

(Hardy Pictures/ Channel 4)


A two-part TV documentary series blending historical drama and original source material. It re-imagines the story of this decisive year, not from the saddles of kings and conquerors, but through the eyes of ordinary people caught up in its events.