3D generalist, primarily using 3DS MAX and also experienced with Cinema4D.


Skills include modelling, lighting, texturing, animating and rendering (including photorealistic and multipass rendering for more control when compositing). Also PFlow, camera projection and experience with VRay.

Little Big City


I modelled and created animations for the Merlin attraction Little Big City (Berlin and Beijing).


These animations were done to help pitch the idea to show how each area of the attraction might look (a step up from just having illustrations and photo references).

Animation of Bedouin Tent assembly for Museum of Qatar


This animation is part of ‘Bait al-sha’r’, an interactive exhibit focussing on the life of bedouin tribespeople. The cornerstone of bedouin life was the tent  and this animation shows the visitor how the tent was assembled.

Truic Marine


This animation was created as a part of a pitch to secure investment for construction of a marine power station which will produce electricity using only tidal power.